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A child’s first dental visit should be a comfortable, fun, and friendly experience, to develop a trusting relationship between your child and their dentist is most important for your child to have healthy teeth. We recommend that you bring your child for their introductory visit at the age of 2, where we can check that all the teeth are present and healthy, and give you the know-how and tips needed to prevent dental problems, and maintain healthy teeth. Imagine- if you bring your child for regular check-ups from a young age, they potentially will not need any fillings in their lifetime!

Sometimes however, even with the best of attention and care, your child may develop a cavity and require dental treatment. This is when it helps that your child is already familiar with their dentist, and we can provide comfortable, painless dental treatment e.g. with the help of the use of happy gas, so the experience is not traumatic, we like our kid patients to be happy, calm and leave the dentist with a good experience.